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I’m a jewellery designer/maker living on the South coast of England. I can just about see the sea from the upstairs of my house, and I swim in it regularly - I took the photo above while i was in last year. I've done lots of swimming since I quit drinking, sobriety gives you so much more time and mental space for nicer stuff like that.


I’m also a mum to two teens (my absolute motivation for quitting the drink) and the three of us live with a small barky dog, two cats and some chickens.

My journey to sobriety has been a relatively long one, with almost 30 years of drinking under my belt, not something I'm proud of. I was a high functioning and relatively restrained (in that I would wait until early evening to drink) drinker, but with no discernible off switch, and while this served me well in my manic youth, it became apparent in the last few years that I had to either accept it would get steadily worse, or that I would need to get out. (And like with all addictive substances, it ALWAYS get worse. Personally, I would NEVER EVER be able to moderate my drinking).


So now I'm out, and grateful each and every day for that. Maybe you're out too, or maybe you're curious as to how to get sober for good. Either way, maybe we can help each other as we go. Feel free to drop me a line, or subscribe to the blog x

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